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October 25, 2017

Dozens, hundreds or even thousands of customers can come to you completely free of search engines. But first you need to invest time and possibly money to get a return in the future. Your site will not exactly fall into the top 10 of Google and Yandex at once. SEO-promotion is a long process, so we are working for the future. But, believe me, the game is worth the candle. If you want quality SEO service check this

The most important element of promotion - SEO-optimization of texts. You need:

  • Select keywords for each publication.
  • Delicately enter them into the articles.
  • Write high-quality texts to interest the reader.

Next is the promotion, and this:

  • Purchase links from third-party resources.
  • Promotion of individual publications in social networks.
  • Internal linking.

But everything does not start from exactly that. The first stage is the optimization of the site itself, of individual articles and pages. Today, we will analyze how to do this on the most popular engine - WordPress, because most of the entrepreneurs make their sites on it.

Do you think that for optimization you need some deep technical knowledge?


To this end, any person who can use the Internet can cope. And I'll help you with this.

So, let's go ...

6 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Blog on WordPress:

1. Install the plug-in for SEO optimization

To get started, you will need a tool. In our case, this is the Yoast SEO plugin. After installing it, you will be able to:

Create a site map for high-quality internal linking.

Edit the robots.txt file responsible for the visibility of the site in the search engines.

To make so that all pages of a site were indexed in Google, Yandex, Yahoo! and so on.

Analyze articles to understand how effective they are for promotion.


You can install Yoast SEO directly from the plugins directory in the admin panel of WordPress of your site. It's free.

2. Optimize headlines and links

The title must begin with a key phrase. SEO-optimization of texts is a serious, profound topic. I propose to deal with it separately. In this video there are useful recommendations on this matter:

Search engine robots take even those elements of your pages that are invisible to readers. Or just do not notice them.

A link to a specific page is one of these elements.

Agree, you rarely pay special attention to this field:


But this does not make it less important. Link, like the title, must start with a key phrase. But it's necessary in Latin. You can change it here:

Edit links


You can simplify the task. The Rus-To-Lat plugin automatically translates the header into a link. Just English letters. WordPress.

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